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Monocacy Church of  the Brethren

                         Rocky Ridge Congregation

        Volume 12 Issue 3

         March  2019

                            CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN
                                                                       ANOTHER WAY OF LIVING

                                                                                                                         Part 3
                        Wherever we gather, worship is at the center.  Formed by the weekly workshop of our congre-
                        gations, we carry this attentiveness to God in all that we do.  Worship is the highlight at all our confer-
                        ences—in fact, youth take part in tow lively worship services each day at National Youth Conference.
                        Many volunteers across the church plan the services for Annual Conference, work camps, even commit-
                        tee meetings.  Denominational employees gather every Wednesday for weekly chapel services.  From
                        these experiences, we learn that our mission, our service, our discipleship all are shaped by our  devotion
                        to God.

                         Don’t Wait
                                 I’m not a big coupon clipper, but if I see a coupon for a restaurant I frequent, I’ll save
                         it.  “Better in my pocket than someone else’s,” my father would say about this easy way to save
                         a few dollars.
                                 Every few months I go through the stack and check expiration dates.  I always find a
                         handful that have passed the date of redemption.  Waiting too long has consequences.
                                 Missing out on coupons isn’t as serious, but the most critical—and everlasting—
                         consequence of waiting too long happens when a person puts off a personal relationship with
                         God.  The Bible advises us, “Seek the Lord while you can find him.  Call on him now while he
                         is near” (Isaiah 55:6).  The truth is we can hesitate so long that we become less likely to re-
                         spond.  A person’s time on earth is not limitless: “Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here
                         for a little while, then it’s gone” (James 4:14).
                                 Why hesitate?  God lovingly looks and longs for your response.  Act now and avoid
                         becoming calloused.  The Bible warns: “Be careful….Make sure that your own hearts are not
                         evil and unbelieving, turning you away from the living God” (Hebrews 3:12).
                         The next move is yours.  Respond to God’s call
                           Acknowledge your need for him!  Read Romans 3:23
               The Light     Receive Jesus Christ—the only way to God—and accept his forgiveness.  Read John 1:12
                           Recognize his love for you. Read John 3:16

                             and Acts 4:12
                           Commit yourself to God’s plan for your life.  Read Romans 10: 9-13
                         If you want to make this start, there is no better way than by reading the Gospel of John.

                                                                                          Jim Kraus
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